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New Snowmaking System at Beaver Creek

Thanks to a significant capital project, Beaver Creek will have 34 brand new fan guns to support efficient and extensive snowmaking on Gold Dust and Lower Larkspur this season.

This new system already started making snow last week, and will aid all Beaver Creek guests by opening more terrain faster, and by providing a superior snow surface. What’s even more significant is during the entire ski season you can expect a nice dusting of snow with perfect corduroy underneath. Yum!

You heard me correctly… Beaver Creek will refresh the snow surface several nights a week, and our guests are guaranteed that regardless of Mother Nature’s efforts, there will always be fresh snow!

Here’s a video (1:36) that explains:


The investment on the Gold Dust trail is significant as it serves guests of intermediate skiing levels, and provides one of the more popular egresses to the base area.

Additionally, Beaver Creek’s snowmaking upgrade includes 10 new automated snowmaking guns placed on Lower Larkspur trail, which are dedicated to building snow depth earlier than normal, thus allowing Larkspur Bowl to open in a timely fashion and the snow will last longer into the spring.

Beaver Creek’s state-of-the-art snowmaking system encompasses 650 acres of terrain across the resort.

Last season the system also benefitted from the installation of new highly efficient snowmaking compressors that save energy.

Why not book your stay with us, and come out to enjoy this exciting improvement to Beaver Creek.


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