• In an effort to continually improve the quality and value offered by Vail Valley lodging properties, the Lodging Quality Assurance (LQA) program was established in 1997.
  • The LQA is a unique, community-wide initiative to rejuvenate the area's "lodging products" through upgrades and enhancements.
  • During the LQA inspection process, every interior detail of a lodge's rooms are inspected and scored. The details are then compiled and each property is assigned an overall lodging quality score. 
  • The rating categories are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


PLATINUM                        (our condo is PLATINUM)

A property with this rating represents some of the finest accommodations in the area. Unit furnishings and appointments are of the highest quality, unique and coordinated as are all other aspects of the interior. First impressions are "WOW!" Interior style and design are unsurpassed. Custom details and accents enhance overall unit décor. Units contained within these properties are not lacking in any area.



Units within a property of this rating reflect recent interior design motifs and coordinated decorating efforts. Inventory contained within each room of the home or unit is excellent in quality and condition. In short, a gold unit is comfortable and stylish with the feeling of home.



Units within a property of this rating offer basic accommodations with furniture of standard quality and design. A consistent style is apparent throughout, although unit is a bit older and maybe lacking in thoroughness and finishing touches.



Properties of this rating offer units with more sterile environments. Personality and decorating motifs are present, albeit not fully coordinated; there may be a "pieced together" feel. First impressions are "OK". Inventory contained in each room of the home or unit is mostly utilitarian and meets minimum expectations. In short, a bronze unit offers a no frills, but acceptable lodging experience.


Substandard Properties
A unit with this rating does not meet minimal rating standards. First impressions are generally, "I won't stay here!" Inventory contained in each room of the home or unit is sparse, mismatched, and/or severely worn or broken. In short, a substandard unit does not reflect first class resort lodging to destination vacationers.